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Growing a root file system

IMHO one of the great benefits of virtualization is the ability to properly size your guests. Many times 512M memory and an 8G / is plenty. Increasing memory for a virtual machine is typically pretty straight forward, but there are several options when adding disk space. Mounting the space in the file system and doing […]

It’s not “the cloud” it’s “the phog”

I am so very tired of hearing about “the cloud”. Over lunch the other day a co-worker decided we should just call it the phog instead since the phog does a better job of describing exactly what is meant by the cloud. Why is phog a better description? The phog has no defined shape, you […]

Slowdown VMware Bios Screen

Working with virtual machines after having worked with physical machines can be a wonderful experience. Wonderful that is until the bios scree blows past you several times.

Patching vmware for 2.6.24

So as I previously said I have updated to Hardy Haron and along with it comes a new kernel that does not work out of the box with vmware. You need to patch your vmnet and vmmon sources to get it working again. So I went ahead and wrote a script to make the process […]

Vmware disk recovery in linux

If you have ever had an issue with vmware or if you have been afraid of using vmware for fear that if something goes horribly wrong you may not be able to extract the information from your vmware image then this information should help you.