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LinuxCon/CloudOpen 2012

Are you going to LinuxCon/CloudOpen 2012? I am, and I think I have settled on my picks (at least until I look at the schedule again, lots of great options). Special thanks to CFEngine for sponsering me! Here are my picks for the minute. Building the Open Cloud – Mark Hinkle, Citrix The OpenNebula Cloud […]

Flashback: Vim customization for python

Python has become my language of choice for automation and general scripting. Its nice to have an editor that makes things easier when your doing things. Its also nice to use an editor that you can find just about anywhere. I have customized my vim to make doing things in python much quicker and this […]

Vim Tip single command while in insert mode

I use vim for the vast majority of my editing. It can be a bit cumbersom to hit esc each time you want to perform a command while in insert mode. Using ctrl o will put you in command mode for the next command. Give it a try sometime it may or may not make […]

Vim + wordpress == vimpress, happiness

I recently found a vim plug-in for WordPress. Vimpress allows your to write and edit your blog posts directly from vim. Sure it has its limitations. There does not appear to be support for future data publishing or drafts. But overall its a much better experience to write in vim than the built in editor.

Tip: Vim point in time recovery

Hopefully you know how to undo and redo in vim using u and Ctrl-R. But with newer versions of vim you get point in time recovery. with :earlier. Give it a shot, make some changes to a script and then try :earlier 1m. Very cool and an easy way to undo a bunch of changes.