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Setup encfs on dropbox for boxcryptor with CFEngine

Here is an easy way to configure encfs with dropbox that is compatible with boxcryptor. Boxcryptor makes Windows, Mac Android, and IOS applications to assist you in accessing data that you have stored in encfs. They do require that you create your encfs with some specific options: Cipher algorithm: AES, Plaintext or Stream encrypted filenames, […]

Replace unity with gnome3 and gnome-shell in ubuntu 11.04

Well I gave unity the old college try in ubuntu 11.04. But last night I just couldn’t take it any more. There were some small rendering issues occasionally plus some tray programs like workrave had no place to go, at least that I could find anyway and I really need workrave to remind me to […]

Ubuntu Server – Fit for Production or a Change in the SA Guard?

I’m curious what anyone who reads this blog thinks. My first reaction when someone mentions Ubuntu server is to grab the nearest trout and start slapping. Don’t get me wrong I like Ubuntu. It’s very nice on a workstation, and suitable for my wife, mother, aunt, etc …. But do you really think its good […]

NetworkManager funkyness (knetworkmanager)

Ok so this is the opposite of what I generally use but its been annoying me and I just figured out what was causing it so I figured I would share it. I am currently running Kubuntu Hardy Haron but this problem was present when I installed my first Ubuntu varient Gutsy Gibbon.