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CFEngine 3 Tip: Find out what classes are being defined

CFEngine defines a classes for decision making during runs. Many of these hard classes you can see by running cf-promises -v. That wont show you all the other classes that are raised during a policy run. You could run something like this to see what classes are raised during execution. But that isn’t really a […]

Quick Tip: Disable Help (F1) in gnome-terminal

I know I have been pretty silent for a while, what can I say it has been busy. I did want to drop this little tip though. I use vim and gnome-terminal a LOT, so I hit ESC quite frequently. Being so close to the F1 key can be hazardous as I tend to mash […]

Migrating to Google Apps: changing mailto link

At $work we are in the process of migrating to Google Apps. Of course I am an early adopter to work out bugs and be a resource for others as they make the migration. One of the issues identified is mailto links pointing to google apps. Its not hard to make the change in firefox. […]

Remove Google Everything Sidebar — Again

Yesterday I had a tip on removing yourself from any testing for that google sidebar that your likely seeing in your search results now. I woke up to a nasty surprise. After removing the cookie yesterday, today I had the bar again. So I removed the cookie again, and it came right back. Thats when […]

One liners: a tip

Have you ever started writing a one-liner and half way in realized it was a bit more complex than you first thought? If your shell is bash, next time that happens try ctrl-x ctrl-e. It will take your current line and stuff it into the your default editor (export EDITOR=vim).