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Quick Tip: Drilling into zenoss data with zendmd

Sometimes you want to know what value zenoss has for something. The numbers sent in alerts seem to be the value that zenoss has, but the graphs are usually formatted to make more sense. 1394606080 might come in an alert, but on the graph it would show as 1.3 or 1.4G. It can cause some […]

LinuxCon/CloudOpen 2012

Are you going to LinuxCon/CloudOpen 2012? I am, and I think I have settled on my picks (at least until I look at the schedule again, lots of great options). Special thanks to CFEngine for sponsering me! Here are my picks for the minute. Building the Open Cloud – Mark Hinkle, Citrix The OpenNebula Cloud […]

Review: Learning CFEngine 3

I just finished reading the final release of Diego Zambonis’ Learning CFEngine 3. I can’t recommend this book enough. If your just learning CFEngine 3, if you are versed but not an expert and you like CFEngine you will like this book. If you meet all those criteria and you don’t like the book, I’ll […]

Setup encfs on dropbox for boxcryptor with CFEngine

Here is an easy way to configure encfs with dropbox that is compatible with boxcryptor. Boxcryptor makes Windows, Mac Android, and IOS applications to assist you in accessing data that you have stored in encfs. They do require that you create your encfs with some specific options: Cipher algorithm: AES, Plaintext or Stream encrypted filenames, […]

New bundle to manage routes for RedHat/CentOS with CFEngine 3

I re-factored rh_add_interface_routes into a new bundle rh_update_routes, you can find them in my CFEngine library. The biggest improvement is you no longer have to specify the interface you want the route on. Instead you specify a regular expression of the ip that would be on that interface and the specific interface is found. Second […]