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ssh config wildcards

I just wanted to make sure no one forgets that wildcards can be used in your .ssh/config. This can be extremely helpful. For example say you have 100 nodes that have a simple nameing scheme of nodexxxx. You can add the following into your ssh config and pre-poplulate settings. That would cause any ssh connection […]

Get around that pesky firewall filtering with tsocks

I generally don’t have any issues knowing someone might be snooping on a bit of my traffic. However there are times you may want your traffic to be a bit more private. For example if your boss is a raging tyrant and your looking for a new job, and you know the sky would fall […]

Restricting SSH commands

SSH is a powerful tool. When combined with ssh keys, it becomes easy to automate remote procedures like backups. However leaving key access wide open can be a bad idea. It is possible to use restrict ssh keys to specific commands, even coming from specific hosts. There is this nice little perl script called Authprogs […]