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Flashback: Automatic session logging and monitoring with GNU screen for the paranoid

Another day, another flashback. I don’t know about you but at times I have had some very odd and uncomfortable requests from vendors. It’s not wholly  uncommon for them to want to log into your system to diagnose an issue for themselves. Or perhaps for whatever reason your manager says hey give this random outside […]

How I tamed my mutt

As you by now well know I try to mostly live at the console (well multiple x consoles). Mutt is my mail client of choice. I’ve tried Thunderbird, Kmail, Evolution, Sylpheed, and pine. For whatever reason I feel most comfortable with mutt. I also use IMAP for both my personal and work accounts. Mutt was […]

Console sharing without setuid gnu screen

I mentioned in my last post Shared console sessions that I would have an update to get near same functionality without setuid of the screen binary. Well here it is. Hopefully you are aware of expect and how it can be used to automate interactive programs like telnet. Expect is has many more uses that […]

Shared console sessions

I have had several posts regarding screen. Hopefully you have already realized the greatness of screen. Screen has a great feature that allows screen sessions to be shared. To my knowledge there are two ways to use this feature. First you can connect to a screen multiple times as the same user. Second you can […]

Spice up your bash prompt redux | A nice .screenrc redux with screencast

This is more or less going to be an addendum to my last post as well as an update to my previous screenrc post. About 5 minutes after posting I realized that my additions to my prompt broke some new additions to new screenrc settings.