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New bundle to manage routes for RedHat/CentOS with CFEngine 3

I re-factored rh_add_interface_routes into a new bundle rh_update_routes, you can find them in my CFEngine library. The biggest improvement is you no longer have to specify the interface you want the route on. Instead you specify a regular expression of the ip that would be on that interface and the specific interface is found. Second […]

Bundles of Bundles with CFEngine 3

I’ve been working more and more with CFEngine lately and I have been slowly building a tiny library. These are all pretty much redhat specific but I welcome patches and comments. Most of the bundles have comments that show usage, if there is interest I may post some example usage later.      

Redhats’ init is teh suck

I recently had to write an init script for our continuous integration systems remote build agent. Of course this agent is a java jar and does not write its own pidfile. On debian or gentoo (yes I used to rice it) this would not have been an issue. Both have and use start-stop-daemon in their […]

Sphinx init script for RHEL3

Had some planned maintenance on one of our servers this weekend. After bringing the server back up I forgot to start searchd for sphinx. Don’t want that to happen again so I wrote a quick init script for searchd.