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Automate Sun iLOM settings

I recently had a need to push out a few settings to a group of iLOMs on new Sun servers. I really despise using a web interface for everything so I took the ssh route. The first thing I tried to do after determining the commands I needed was to shove the commands in with […]

Flashback: Vim customization for python

Python has become my language of choice for automation and general scripting. Its nice to have an editor that makes things easier when your doing things. Its also nice to use an editor that you can find just about anywhere. I have customized my vim to make doing things in python much quicker and this […]

Simple network popup with python and libnotify

Im sure everyone is familiar with smb messages especially as everyone was assulted with them about 10 years ago (stupid soho routers and spammers unite!). Anyway, there are clients for linux like Linpopup. Well recently I didn’t want to use one of those to be able to send messages to my linux workstations so I […]

Vim customization for python

Python seems to keep growing on me. By no means am I a Python master, nor am I a vim guru but I do prefer to use vim over a gui editor. Sure there are some niceties with using a gui but getting comfortable using a tool that is almost always at your disposal has […]