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Nginx stub_status Zenpack

Nginx is a great little web server. I have posted previously about using it as a reverse proxy. Weather your using it as a reverse proxy or as a normal webserver you will probably eventually want to know what its doing over time so you can adjust resources as necessary. The other day I threw […]

Transparent dynamic reverse proxy with nginx

A while back I wrote about using Apache as a dynamic reverse proxy. Anyone who has done even minimal research into web servers knows that Apache is the swiss army knife. It trys to be everything for everyone, and like a swiss army knife may not be as good as a more refined too at […]

Improving debians nginx init script

nginx is a high performance HTTP and mail proxy server written by Igor Sysoev. I’m not sure what the init scripts do for other distros but it seems a bit of an oversight to leave out checking the config file when running the init script. Add this line to your nginx init script right after […]