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SNMP v3 support added to check_snmp_extend.py

check_snmp_extend is a python script that I found orphaned on some Nagios forum. It facilitates using snmpd as an agent for executing Nagios plugin scripts. I adopted it made a few changes and tossed it on github a while back. I’m happy to merge initial snmp v3 support from Lee Whalen

CheckDomain Zenpack

No one likes to forget to renew a domain. Its not wholly uncommon though. Microsoft forgot to renew passport.com in 1999, and hotmail.co.uk in 2003. Vivendi Universal forgot to renew its MP3.com in 2003, the Washington Post forgot to renew in 2004, and Foursquare forgot to renew their domain in 2010. I stumbled on the […]

Sysstat Sar Performance Metrics Via Nagios Plugin

I know I’ve mentioned how much I love the sysstat package before. I use sar regularly to help with performance diagnostics (Analyzing Linux System Performance And Finding Bottle Necks, CPU Performance Analysis In Linux, Baseline Analysis Is Important, CPU Performance Analysis In Linux Revisited). I wrote this little Nagios plugin to collect the performance metrics that sar […]

XenServer License Check – Nagios NRPE Plugin

If you hadn’t already guessed I am a big fan of the Xen hypervisor. Lately I have been using the Citrix XenServer release because it makes it quite palatable for my co-workers. One annoyance that I do have about XenServer is the requirement that you license it (with a free license) every year. If you […]

Installing NRPE on XenServer

I like to have as little run in dom0 as possible. However some things you really need checked from dom0, like the status of your raid perhaps. Just some quick instructions on getting Nagios NRPE running in XenServer. Install EPEL repository and disable it by default (remember we don’t want to accidentally install unnecessary packages) […]