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LinuxCon/CloudOpen 2012

Are you going to LinuxCon/CloudOpen 2012? I am, and I think I have settled on my picks (at least until I look at the schedule again, lots of great options). Special thanks to CFEngine for sponsering me! Here are my picks for the minute. Building the Open Cloud – Mark Hinkle, Citrix The OpenNebula Cloud […]

Bibble The Best Photo Editing Software For Linux Bought By Corel

I have been using bibble for about a year now. Its the best photo editing software that ran on linux that I could find. It probably isn’t as polished as Photoshop but it has its own great features like threading so it can use all of your cores for rendering. Just over a week ago […]

Ubuntu Server – Fit for Production or a Change in the SA Guard?

I’m curious what anyone who reads this blog thinks. My first reaction when someone mentions Ubuntu server is to grab the nearest trout and start slapping. Don’t get me wrong I like Ubuntu. It’s very nice on a workstation, and suitable for my wife, mother, aunt, etc …. But do you really think its good […]

Analyzing I/O performance in Linux

Monitoring and analyzing performance is an important task for any sysadmin. Disk I/O bottlenecks can bring applications to a crawl. What are IOPS?  Should I use SATA, SAS, or FC? How many spindles do I need? What RAID level should I use? Is my system read or write heavy? These are common questions for anyone […]

Persistent ulimit settings in Centos/RH

Recently a developer came to me and said they are starting to see failed builds apparently due to open file handle limitations on the build server. In case your not aware, by default there are limitations on users to ensure they don’t hog the entire resources of a system. Sometimes these limitations need to be […]