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Git pre-commit hook for checking CFEngine 3 syntax

I was inspired by William Orr’s svn commit hook and looked up the magic needed to flesh out the git pre-commit hook I submitted to the Design Center a while back. Now the index is checked out to its own temporary directory and cf-promises validates promises.cf and failsafe.cf before allowing the commit to proceed. Now […]

pre-commit hook for git to check CFEngine syntax

Sometimes I am not so disciplined to run cf-promises on my policy before I commit it. I make a small change and I think I’m golden, but inevitably that breaks things. I wrote a simple commit hook to check policy syntax and stop you from shooting yourself in the foot. You can find  the pre-commit […]

Install git on CentOS cpanel server

I have a love/hate relationship with cpanel. On one hand it makes low end hosting a breeze, on the other its a huge pita if you want to do anything “outside the box”. Perhaps it’s not such a pain if you work with cpanel frequently. But I find cpanel beneficial because it aids in tasks […]

Revision your home directory with git using gibak

Over the last couple days I’ve briefly talked about revisioning configs and making your home directory portable. It seems to have stirred up a bit of discussion over at Matt Simmons Standalone Sysadmin, and Hugh Browns mentioned he uses mercurial for this task.. As I noted in the post about managing /etc with version control […]

Version your /etc

Seems like we are on a bit of a roll with regard to the topic of versioning lately. Yesterday Legooolas commented about using version control for your home directory. I do and I’ll cover that in a different post but I use it for a different task. Now on to todays topic. Do you keep […]