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Flashback: Remote kernel logging with netconsole for fun and profit

Have you ever had a machine that was a bit flaky? You know those ones that occasionally crash and don’t write anything useful into the log file. Sometimes you can capture those messages with netconsole. Just revisiting a small walk-through I wrote a while back. Remote kernel logging with netconsole for fun and profit

Flashback: Vim customization for python

Python has become my language of choice for automation and general scripting. Its nice to have an editor that makes things easier when your doing things. Its also nice to use an editor that you can find just about anywhere. I have customized my vim to make doing things in python much quicker and this […]

Flashback: Backdoor Corporate Sabotage With DNS

This is just an old entry that I thought was interesting, and it appears its still relevant. Like a broken record, “economic times are rough”, what better way to boost your revenue than to exploit your customers. What better way to suppress a competitor than to increase a competitors infrastructure costs (with little visibility to […]

Flashback: Automatic session logging and monitoring with GNU screen for the paranoid

Another day, another flashback. I don’t know about you but at times I have had some very odd and uncomfortable requests from vendors. It’s not wholly  uncommon for them to want to log into your system to diagnose an issue for themselves. Or perhaps for whatever reason your manager says hey give this random outside […]

Flashback: Trust not DNS or How to properly move a website

Matt Simmons is trying to dust off some old articles he think some people may have missed. So I figure why not. A while back I talked about how to move a website (read DNS sucks , you need a reverse proxy). In fact I have talked about reverse proxies a few times since I […]