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Fix virtual email address maildir permissions in Cpanel

Im not a big fan of cpanel but I do manage a server that runs it. Recently some update was pushed down that caused about 50% of my users to not be able to access mail. It all boiled down to a permission issue that the cpanel scripts /scripts/mailperm did not take care of. Their […]

Reset dell 1700 series photoconducter

Ok I hate printers. If anyone has an aged dell 1700 series printer that prints out pages that say to replace the imaging drum over and over (even after replacing it) then you will like this tip.

Fix terminal scrolling when inside GNU Screen

My post on Automatic session logging and monitoring with GNU screen seems to have been well received. I have had more hits by far on that post today than ever before. I noticed a nagging issue with screen and a friend of mine Travis Cline pointed me to the fix.