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My April Fools

April 1st. I had a fairly eventful day, first I found that the phone system at $work has been mis-configured since it was installed. Second I got a call from someone I had worked with a few years back about a system that did not have backups that had a raid hiccup tanking the system […]

autofs: Error logging fail

Why do applications have such horrible error messages. Non-specific errors are really not any more helpful than not logging at all. I was recently setting up autofs for mounting home directories from an nfs server. The little buggers refused to work right. All I was seeing in the logfile was a notice that an attempt […]

Microsoft Mediaroom Personal Server Odyssey

Ewwww, scary isn’t it. No Its not Halloween, but you may have entered the twilight zone. Right, I never touch Microsoft products. Well in actuality sometimes I do (I just don’t brag about it). Some of the development at $work uses Microsofts Mediaroom, and I have a “Personal Server” (great name right?) that the developers use. […]

HP Support Fail

From time to time  I have not so pleasant support experiences. Today I had another.

Support Fail

I am a big fan of chat support. I don’t have to drain my battery waiting on hold until its my turn in the queue. Plus when dealing with error messages its infinitely more helpful to be able to copy/paste to the agent. Sadly finding competent help is still an issue. Here is an excerpt […]