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Testing mail servers with swaks

I hadn’t seen this tool before so I figured I would share. Swaks is the swiss army knife SMTP according to the homepage. I’ve covered testing email from the command line before but this tool sure makes it easier.

Notify someone with hook when you update a git working copy

Some projects have production code that runs off of a git cloned repository. There may be a case in which you want to notify others when that clone pulls. It is a pretty easy feat with gits post-merge hook. The post-merge hook will run after a merge (think git pull). All you have to do […]

How I tamed my mutt

As you by now well know I try to mostly live at the console (well multiple x consoles). Mutt is my mail client of choice. I’ve tried Thunderbird, Kmail, Evolution, Sylpheed, and pine. For whatever reason I feel most comfortable with mutt. I also use IMAP for both my personal and work accounts. Mutt was […]

Testing Email Manually with Telnet (spoofing email)

Being able to send email manually seems to be a bit of a lost art. It is extremely handy to know how to use telnet to send email for testing procmail filters, and any other part of your mail system. It can also be fun to spoof email to a friend or co-worker. Read on […]

Who have you delivered mail to?

The company I work for (Absorbent Ink) that makes corporate gifts and other personalized products. has started sending out a newsletter. Part of this newsletter process for me has been tuning one of our exim based mail servers.