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Clear DNS Cache in Linux

Had a slightly vexing issue the other day. During a migration the destination host ended up caching some stale DNS entries. I tried a quick restart of nscd to no avail, rebooted the VM, again no joy. Even overriding the host in /etc/hosts wasn’t working. Took a few minutes of digging but what did work […]

Flashback: Backdoor Corporate Sabotage With DNS

This is just an old entry that I thought was interesting, and it appears its still relevant. Like a broken record, “economic times are rough”, what better way to boost your revenue than to exploit your customers. What better way to suppress a competitor than to increase a competitors infrastructure costs (with little visibility to […]

Flashback: Trust not DNS or How to properly move a website

Matt Simmons is trying to dust off some old articles he think some people may have missed. So I figure why not. A while back I talked about how to move a website (read DNS sucks , you need a reverse proxy). In fact I have talked about reverse proxies a few times since I […]

Easy to remember public DNS servers

Its handy to keep some remote dns servers in your head for troubleshooting. Here are some pretty fast and easy to remember NS ips for you (they are on level3 network).

Backdoor corporate sabotage with DNS

I’m not really certain how common corporate sabotage is. Sure there are DOS attacks daily on this or that network or this or that server but what percentage of those are script kiddies and what percentage are well thought out planned attacks designed to cripple a competitor even if only for a short time. Typically […]