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LinuxCon/CloudOpen 2012

Are you going to LinuxCon/CloudOpen 2012? I am, and I think I have settled on my picks (at least until I look at the schedule again, lots of great options). Special thanks to CFEngine for sponsering me! Here are my picks for the minute. Building the Open Cloud – Mark Hinkle, Citrix The OpenNebula Cloud […]

Dell Acquiesces to Angry Mob Over Firmware Locked Raid Controllers

I don’t think I bothered to complain here but I sure sent my fair share of nasty grams. In fact Dell became one of my four letter words after I heard they were firmware locking Gen11 servers to only dell drives. Of course it was a mistake but I loved to unashamedly repeat the famous […]

Reset dell 1700 series photoconducter

Ok I hate printers. If anyone has an aged dell 1700 series printer that prints out pages that say to replace the imaging drum over and over (even after replacing it) then you will like this tip.