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Install git on CentOS cpanel server

I have a love/hate relationship with cpanel. On one hand it makes low end hosting a breeze, on the other its a huge pita if you want to do anything “outside the box”. Perhaps it’s not such a pain if you work with cpanel frequently. But I find cpanel beneficial because it aids in tasks […]

Cpanel WHM inside Centos 5.1 domU

I needed to install cpanel inside of one of my Centos 5.1 domU. The centos install was bootstrapped by the default rinse configuration (see xen-tools with my patch that you can see from a previous post). If you follow the install docs you will have tried to uninstall openldap etc ….

Fix virtual email address maildir permissions in Cpanel

Im not a big fan of cpanel but I do manage a server that runs it. Recently some update was pushed down that caused about 50% of my users to not be able to access mail. It all boiled down to a permission issue that the cpanel scripts /scripts/mailperm did not take care of. Their […]