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One liners: a tip

Have you ever started writing a one-liner and half way in realized it was a bit more complex than you first thought? If your shell is bash, next time that happens try ctrl-x ctrl-e. It will take your current line and stuff it into the your default editor (export EDITOR=vim).

Nice console regex helper

Last week I stumbled on a nice console regex helper. It’s not that I’m bad at regex but switching between sed, vim, python, perl regex trips me up a bit sometimes. Go ahead and check it out for yourself [.]quit [0]reset [*]color [/]programs ^txt2regex$ !! not supported RegEx perl : RegEx php : RegEx postgres: […]

Command Line Ticketing System

As I have said before life at the terminal is a joy. I constantly struggle with keeping myself organized. I actually work pretty well keeping most things in my head. But one of these days I’m going to fall down and hit my head and forget everything. So try and try again to keep myself […]