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New bundle to manage routes for RedHat/CentOS with CFEngine 3

I re-factored rh_add_interface_routes into a new bundle rh_update_routes, you can find them in my CFEngine library. The biggest improvement is you no longer have to specify the interface you want the route on. Instead you specify a regular expression of the ip that would be on that interface and the specific interface is found. Second […]

Centos 6 on the horizon

Just happened to notice that centos 6 looks like it will be dropping soon. In QA and syncing to internal servers today, sync to public mirrors on Monday. http://qaweb.dev.centos.org/qa

Persistent ulimit settings in Centos/RH

Recently a developer came to me and said they are starting to see failed builds apparently due to open file handle limitations on the build server. In case your not aware, by default there are limitations on users to ensure they don’t hog the entire resources of a system. Sometimes these limitations need to be […]

Error Msg Fail: How to enable telnet on centos/rhel

Don’t even start with me about how telnet is horrid. Out side of my control but I recently had issues trying to enable telnet on a server. Typically its pretty straightforward. yum install telnet-server chkconfig telnet on chkconfig xinetd on service xinetd start Unfortunately for me this was not working. Every time I tried to […]

Redhats’ init is teh suck

I recently had to write an init script for our continuous integration systems remote build agent. Of course this agent is a java jar and does not write its own pidfile. On debian or gentoo (yes I used to rice it) this would not have been an issue. Both have and use start-stop-daemon in their […]