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bash history-fu

I came across a new blog (seems to have come on-line in March) http://www.epoxyjournal.com. One of the entries was about how to clear command history. Everyone has inadvertently pasted or typed something into the wrong shell. Sometimes its worthwhile to clean up after yourself and sometimes its not. I figured I would offer a suggestion […]

Convert maildir to mbox

Note, there is a short story before the main course. I recently had a customer leave. It’s never good to lose a customer. They left not because of any service issues but because its hard for them to understand that I am not a web designer. I provided hosting service for them, and I tried […]

Notify someone with hook when you update a git working copy

Some projects have production code that runs off of a git cloned repository. There may be a case in which you want to notify others when that clone pulls. It is a pretty easy feat with gits post-merge hook. The post-merge hook will run after a merge (think git pull). All you have to do […]

Benchmark hard drive performance in Linux

Bonnie is a great tool to use to benchmark your file system. Just a quick tip on using bonnie.

Match string and print preceding line

Text processing is fun. Well, fun if you like to beat your head against a wall. Most of the time I just string a few things together to get whatever I am doing done. Its much better to find the shortest way to do something, it spawns less processes, is more efficient and generally a […]