Nick AndersonI am probably best described as an infrastructure engineer, but I self identify as a “SysAdmin”. I like my environments to take care of themselves whenever possible. I geek out on gadgets, and usually try to avoid “Enterprise” software instead preferring open-source solutions. If Enterprise software is the right tool I’ll use it, but I probably will mutter about it mostly because of past experience with Enterprise software. I am described as a workaholic by many but I am conscious of that tendency and try to step away to keep myself sane. I am fortunate to work with very intelligent people, and generally to be getting paid for work that I would do for free (if money didn’t exist).

I am a husband and father of 2.

bundle common contact_nick_anderson
      "email"    string => "[email protected]";
      "github"   string => "https://github.com/nickanderson";
      "twitter"  string => "@cmdln_";
      "blog"     string => "http://www.cmdln.org";
      "linkedin" string => "http://www.linkedin.com/in/hithisisnick";