What's the simplest, easiest, no-fuss way to wrap up standalone example?

I use ob-cfengine3 with org-mode inside of spacemacs for most of my self contained examples and when I start prototyping new policy.

When I have a cfengine3 SRC block and I execute it body file control is magically inserted to load the stdlib.

  bundle agent main
        "$(this.promise_filename):" printfile => cat( $(this.promise_filename) );
        "Running CFEngine $(sys.cf_version)";


You can see in the output here the body file control that was automatically inserted.

R: /home/nickanderson/src/blog/hugo-export/content/post/cfengine3-182209dH:
R: body file control{ inputs => { '$(sys.libdir)/stdlib.cf' };}
R: bundle agent main
R: {
R:   reports:
R:       "$(this.promise_filename):" printfile => cat( $(this.promise_filename) );
R:       "Running CFEngine $(sys.cf_version)";
R: }
R: Running CFEngine 3.11.0

In my opinion using body file control is the easiest way to include another policy file.