Quick Tip: Drilling into zenoss data with zendmd

Some­times you want to know what value zenoss has for some­thing. The num­bers sent in alerts seem to be the value that zenoss has, but the graphs are usu­ally for­mat­ted to make more sense. 1394606080 might come in an alert, but on the graph it would show as 1.3 or 1.4G. It can cause some slight con­fu­sion when other peo­ple expect 90% of 1.4G instead of 90% of 1394606080 to be an alert threshold.

Any way, log in to your zenoss box as the zenoss user at a ter­mi­nal and run zendmd. We will select a device, and then get a value from one of the RRDs.

d = dmd.Devices.findDevice('myjavaserver')


You can look up other things from here as well for exam­ple zprop­er­ties, try d.zDeviceTemplates or d.zCommandCycleTime.

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