Monthly Archives: October 2012

CFEngine 3 Policy Update or How cf_promises_validated Works

Over the past several months 2 years (since 3.1.2 release, wow time flys when your having fun. I checked and 3.1.2 was released on Dec 9th 2010.) I have seen a few questions regarding how the default CFEngine policy update works, and more specifically how cf_promises_validated plays into the update process. This is my stab […]

CFEngine 3 Tip: Find out what classes are being defined

CFEngine defines a classes for decision making during runs. Many of these hard classes you can see by running cf-promises -v. That wont show you all the other classes that are raised during a policy run. You could run something like this to see what classes are raised during execution. But that isn’t really a […]

Dynamic method calls in CFEngine

Methods type promises are powerful abstraction tools in CFEngine 3. Methods allow you to activate bundles (optionally parametrized) from other bundles. This allows encapsulation of knowledge and lends itself to re-usability. I just want to share an example of calling bundles dynamically. It’s a contrived example, but I thought it was neat so here it […]