Monthly Archives: July 2012

Git pre-commit hook for checking CFEngine 3 syntax

I was inspired by William Orr’s svn commit hook and looked up the magic needed to flesh out the git pre-commit hook I submitted to the Design Center a while back. Now the index is checked out to its own temporary directory and cf-promises validates and before allowing the commit to proceed. Now […]

CFEngine 3 by Example – Vagrant Project

I updated the CFEngine 3 by example vagrant project so that /var/cfengine/masterfiles is a git clone (kept in sync with VCS::vcs_mirror) of the generated bare repository from the seed files. I found during a presentation that it would just be easier to have everyone start of with the typical workflow instead of going through the […]

Complex vs Complicated

I liked this, so I thought I would share. Found on the inter-webs. Something that is complex can be broken down into simple parts, without being simple itself. This allows mostly smooth functioning with solvable problems. Something that is complicated cannot be broken down into simple parts, for it is made of complicated parts. “Complicated” […]