Bundles of Bundles with CFEngine 3

I’ve been working more and more with CFEngine lately and I have been slowly building a tiny library. These are all pretty much redhat specific but I welcome patches and comments. Most of the bundles have comments that show usage, if there is interest I may post some example usage later.





I have recently added these bundles to my library


  • rh_add_interface_routes - manage routes on an interface
  • create_update_yum_repo - create a yum repo and update the metadata if files change
  • set_selinux_disabled - disable selinux, yes its sad but its common
  • config_yum_client_repos – configure yum client configs in /etc/yum.repos.d/


  • local_users_enforce_password – enforce a local users password, supports updating last day changed for password expiration



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