Monthly Archives: February 2012

Setup encfs on dropbox for boxcryptor with CFEngine

Here is an easy way to configure encfs with dropbox that is compatible with boxcryptor. Boxcryptor makes Windows, Mac Android, and IOS applications to assist you in accessing data that you have stored in encfs. They do require that you create your encfs with some specific options: Cipher algorithm: AES, Plaintext or Stream encrypted filenames, […]

New bundle to manage routes for RedHat/CentOS with CFEngine 3

I re-factored rh_add_interface_routes into a new bundle rh_update_routes, you can find them in my CFEngine library. The biggest improvement is you no longer have to specify the interface you want the route on. Instead you specify a regular expression of the ip that would be on that interface and the specific interface is found. Second […]

pre-commit hook for git to check CFEngine syntax

Sometimes I am not so disciplined to run cf-promises on my policy before I commit it. I make a small change and I think I’m golden, but inevitably that breaks things. I wrote a simple commit hook to check policy syntax and stop you from shooting yourself in the foot. You can find  the pre-commit […]

Bundles of Bundles with CFEngine 3

I’ve been working more and more with CFEngine lately and I have been slowly building a tiny library. These are all pretty much redhat specific but I welcome patches and comments. Most of the bundles have comments that show usage, if there is interest I may post some example usage later.