Monthly Archives: July 2011

Happy SysAdmin Day

In case you weren’t paying attention in the last few weeks, today is the 12th annual System Administrator Appreciation Day. It’s always the last Friday in July. A good reminder to not make changes on Fridays so you can stay out drinking with your colleagues. There are several places having meet-ups, if your near one […]

LOPSA Mentorship Program Cuts First Teeth

That’s right the Mentorship Program is turning 1. Like any youngster we’re still learning our place in the world. We have had growing pains but we still have a bright future. In the past year we have had three program chairs Jesse Trucks, Ian Parades, and Thomas Leyer (current chair). The core team consists of […]

gnome-shell first impressions

Well I’ve been running gnome-shell for a couple days now. Overall I like it, the desktop environment stays out of my way which is a good thing. But it has been staying out of my way a little too much. I have been missing a lot of instant messages since installing gnome-shell. The reason is […]

Replace unity with gnome3 and gnome-shell in ubuntu 11.04

Well I gave unity the old college try in ubuntu 11.04. But last night I just couldn’t take it any more. There were some small rendering issues occasionally plus some tray programs like workrave had no place to go, at least that I could find anyway and I really need workrave to remind me to […]

SNMP v3 support added to

check_snmp_extend is a python script that I found orphaned on some Nagios forum. It facilitates using snmpd as an agent for executing Nagios plugin scripts. I adopted it made a few changes and tossed it on github a while back. I’m happy to merge initial snmp v3 support from Lee Whalen