Quick Tip: Disable Help (F1) in gnome-terminal

I know I have been pretty silent for a while, what can I say it has been busy. I did want to drop this lit­tle tip though. I use vim and gnome-terminal a LOT, so I hit ESC quite fre­quently. Being so close to the F1 key can be haz­ardous as I tend to mash the ESC key sev­eral times. I have no idea where I picked up the hab­bit of hit­ting ESC mul­ti­ple times but its some­thing I have done for a long time and I don’t see me retrain­ing myself any time soon.

At any rate, if I miss the mark and mash F1 I get a slew of gnome-help win­dows, which is quite annoy­ing to go around clos­ing. Gnome-terminal has the abil­ity to set (or dis­able) key­board short­cuts just for gnome-terminal by nav­i­gat­ing to Edit -> Key­board Short­cuts. You can find the help short­cut pretty eas­ily and click­ing on it allows you to remap the key­board short­cut but what is not so obvi­ous at least to me was how to dis­able the short­cut. Well a bit of search­ing finally turned up the solu­tion. Use back­space to remap the key to “Disabled”.

Happy Hol­i­day, hope­fully ill be more present in the near future.

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