Monthly Archives: July 2010

Growing a root file system

IMHO one of the great benefits of virtualization is the ability to properly size your guests. Many times 512M memory and an 8G / is plenty. Increasing memory for a virtual machine is typically pretty straight forward, but there are several options when adding disk space. Mounting the space in the file system and doing […]

CheckDomain Zenpack

No one likes to forget to renew a domain. Its not wholly uncommon though. Microsoft forgot to renew in 1999, and in 2003. Vivendi Universal forgot to renew its in 2003, the Washington Post forgot to renew in 2004, and Foursquare forgot to renew their domain in 2010. I stumbled on the […]

Nginx stub_status Zenpack

Nginx is a great little web server. I have posted previously about using it as a reverse proxy. Weather your using it as a reverse proxy or as a normal webserver you will probably eventually want to know what its doing over time so you can adjust resources as necessary. The other day I threw […]