Google hath raped me eyes

Today I woke up to another abrupt Google change, the background image. I know some people want so much candy they can’t see the cane. Some of these changes Google has been making lately makes me wonder if the next time I open up vanilla ice cream I will be looking at a tub of Rocky Road. Yes, the background is only there for a day as publicity for the new feature to make Google more bingesque but I would be pretty upset if my vanilla ice cream turned to Rocky Road as well, even if only for a day.


  • Lasse Windows other version Google Chrome 5.0.375.55 wrote:

    Stupidest move by Google since “Buzz”. The nerds will not have it! 😉 Don’t fuck with the internets homepage, Google.

  • I always thought “rape” meant “forced sexual intercourse”. Try saying “Google has put me in a concentration camp”, or “Google has murdered my children before my eyes”, or “Google has beaten me with an electrical cord.” No? Then don’t trivialize the word “rape.”

  • I can understand your offense at the apparent “trivialization” but I meant it as in
    1. an act or instance of robbing or despoiling or carrying away a person by force

    In this case forcibly taking away the feeling of serenity I typically feel when I land on

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