Monthly Archives: June 2010

autofs: Error logging fail

Why do applications have such horrible error messages. Non-specific errors are really not any more helpful than not logging at all. I was recently setting up autofs for mounting home directories from an nfs server. The little buggers refused to work right. All I was seeing in the logfile was a notice that an attempt […]

Monitoring A/B PDU Load with Zenoss

Redundant power is a necessity for any highly available system. Most servers have redundant power supplies and the common design pattern is to have each power supply plugged into a power distribution units that are on separate circuits. One challenge with this type of dealing with this type of design is monitoring the power load. […]

Google hath raped me eyes

Today I woke up to another abrupt Google change, the background image. I know some people want so much candy they can’t see the cane. Some of these changes Google has been making lately makes me wonder if the next time I open up vanilla ice cream I will be looking at a tub of […]