Archive creation fail

I just downloaded EMC Networker client for a 32bit linux box. The file I downloaded was nw74sp5_linux_x86.tar.gz. Of course when I go to extract it ….

# tar zxvf ../nw74sp5_linux_x86.tar.gz
gzip: stdin: not in gzip format
tar: Child returned status 1
tar: Error exit delayed from previous errors

Umm not in gzip format ….

# tar xvf ../nw74sp5_linux_x86.tar.gz



  • just a thought: perhaps it was a .gz initially and a proxy/cache/CDN/browser/agent uncompressed it along the way?

  • I suppose that is a possibility, though thats never happened to me when downloading other tar.gz files. I just found it slightly amusing 🙂

  • are you implying that you are running a system with a system with CPU older than the Pentium Pro? or is it a really really old distro to not handle the new 32bit way of things?

  • @Andy
    It’s a system that I inherited. The hardware is fully capable of 64bit but someone decided it should be installed as 32bit. Actually the fact that it is a 32bit OS install was just a side note. Really I was just commenting on the tar file that was named tar.gz. Appending .gz typically implies its gzipped but in this case it was just frivolous naming or a missed flag. I am guessing the latter. Which begs the question … why isn’t their archive creation process automated? Or maybe it is and its just been incorrect for a long time without notice.

  • Stephen Spencer Windows other version Firefox 3.6.3 wrote:

    I vote for an endianness fail…

  • {offensive}I thought the Indians did fail.{/offensive}

    OOOOO that was bad

  • Stephen Spencer Windows other version Firefox 3.6.3 wrote:

    lol. okay. not-reading-to-the-bottom-of-the-post fail.

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