Monthly Archives: May 2010

Henry: a co-worker, networker, and friend. You will be missed

I don’t have much to say about the loss. Henry Sieff was a brilliant network, security engineer and friend.

Notes on Zenoss ZenPacks

Recently I was building a ZenPack for Zenoss. The ZenPack included an Event Command which executed a custom script. I wanted to store the custom script in the ZenPack and I didn’t want to do anything other than have proper script dependencies in place for it to work. Custom scripts can be placed in $ZENHOME/ZenPacks/ZenPacks.CompanyName.Package/Zenpacks/CompanyName/Package/lib […]

bash history-fu

I came across a new blog (seems to have come on-line in March) One of the entries was about how to clear command history. Everyone has inadvertently pasted or typed something into the wrong shell. Sometimes its worthwhile to clean up after yourself and sometimes its not. I figured I would offer a suggestion […]

Archive creation fail

I just downloaded EMC Networker client for a 32bit linux box. The file I downloaded was nw74sp5_linux_x86.tar.gz. Of course when I go to extract it …. Umm not in gzip format ….

New Networking Podcast

They are only on their 3rd episode, but its been good listening so far. If your into networking check it out.