Good Customer Service

In the last week my wife and I have both expe­ri­enced excel­lent cus­tomer ser­vice. All too often you only hear about a com­pany when they do some­thing bad (see all my fail posts). I just want to be sure to give kudos to both of these companies.

1) Born­Free: My wife ordered some Born­Free Spouts as we start tran­si­tion­ing our son to sippy cups. She said about 5 min­utes after she hit the order but­ton she real­ized she should have ordered more. So she called the com­pany to change her order. The per­son she spoke with said it had already been pack­aged up (wow that was fast). But instead of her hav­ing to place a new order and pay ship­ping two times they said they would just toss in an extra set of spouts for FREE. How bout that? They cer­tainly didn’t have to do that we were more than will­ing to pay for them. But hey thats good cus­tomer ser­vice and my wife will likely rec­om­mend them for a long time.

2) I have an old Rea­dy­Nas with 4 drive bays. Some where along the line I lost the brack­ets for one of the dri­ves. Its been run­ning for a long time with one loose drive but today I decided to see where I could hunt a set down. Its an old dis­con­tin­ued unit so my hopes were not high. I con­tacted a guy (chirpa) on their forums ask­ing if he knew where I could pur­chase a set. He said to just send him some pic­tures and my address. Its not a part they carry but he said he could find some in the lab and just send them to me for FREE. Thats also great cus­tomer ser­vice. Even though that unit is no longer in pro­duc­tion and employee took the time to respond to my mail on a sat­ur­day and will hunt some eso­teric rails down for me on mon­day and ship them out.

So don’t for­get to point out good cus­tomer expe­ri­ences you have. Its easy to rant about a bad expe­ri­ence, but take that same extra time to shine a light and give credit when its deserved.

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