Monthly Archives: March 2010

Automate Sun iLOM settings

I recently had a need to push out a few settings to a group of iLOMs on new Sun servers. I really despise using a web interface for everything so I took the ssh route. The first thing I tried to do after determining the commands I needed was to shove the commands in with […]

Good Customer Service

In the last week my wife and I have both experienced excellent customer service. All too often you only hear about a company when they do something bad (see all my fail posts). I just want to be sure to give kudos to both of these companies. 1) BornFree: My wife ordered some BornFree Spouts […]

XenServer Midnight Ride Beta

Citrix has released the beta for the next version of XenServer code named “Midnight Ride”. I’m looking forward to the enhanced snapshots (memory+disk), and memory over commit for lab environments. Get access to the beta program here

Sysstat Sar Performance Metrics Via Nagios Plugin

I know I’ve mentioned how much I love the sysstat package before. I use sar regularly to help with performance diagnostics (Analyzing Linux System Performance And Finding Bottle Necks, CPU Performance Analysis In Linux, Baseline Analysis Is Important, CPU Performance Analysis In Linux Revisited). I wrote this little Nagios plugin to collect the performance metrics that sar […]

XenServer License Check – Nagios NRPE Plugin

If you hadn’t already guessed I am a big fan of the Xen hypervisor. Lately I have been using the Citrix XenServer release because it makes it quite palatable for my co-workers. One annoyance that I do have about XenServer is the requirement that you license it (with a free license) every year. If you […]