Monthly Archives: January 2010

Home Grown / Open Source vs Appliances

The last few days I have been having a pretty good debate with a friend about the virtues of open source vs Appliances. At times its gotten pretty heated but its all in good fun. The current debate centers around email infrastructure. There are options on the table to use an appliance, or a 3rd […]

Microsoft Mediaroom Personal Server Odyssey

Ewwww, scary isn’t it. No Its not Halloween, but you may have entered the twilight zone. Right, I never touch Microsoft products. Well in actuality sometimes I do (I just don’t brag about it). Some of the development at $work uses Microsofts Mediaroom, and I have a “Personal Server” (great name right?) that the developers use. […]

Now Mobile Ready

I’d like to thank Dale Mugford and Duane Storey from BraveNewCode for the nice WordPress plugin and bundled mobile theme. If you visit my site on your mobile device you should get a slimmed down page, let me know what ya think.

Backing up Disney DVDs

Many of you know that I had a son about 6 months ago now. What you may not know is that my wife decided to quit her job and start a home daycare so she could be at home with our son. We all know how hard kids can be on DVDs and the like, […]

Vimtip tolower a visual selection

Gah so I was futzing with the acl map on our subversion server. Organizing things into groups. I wasn’t thinking and started uppercasing the users ids when moving them into groups (yes i hate uppercase but its easy to highlight paste them). This of course stopped authentication from working for people who have cached auths […]