Inspect what you Expect

This is one of my bosses favorite sayings. I must admit its pretty good and for sure its something you need to do. Its especially something you need to do if you when you walk into a new environment and the previous care taker is no longer available.

Check your backup policies, make sure that you aren’t backing up 15 rotating daily copies of a version controlled repository to tape every day (all 15). Check your storage systems. Make sure that the raid levels are sane, and that redundancy and hot spares are available for all raid sets unless its meant to be some fast scratch disk.


  • Hi there,

    First of all thanks for the connection, I am also very interested in seeing other sys-admin’s blogs, they’re a great place to learn!

    Your boss sounds like a smart guy, I just had a run in like this with virtualbox haha. It’s defiantly never fun to have to reverse-engineer everything that someone has done. In my opinion you waste more time trying to figure out all the little details then just starting over and being intimately familiar with the system. Then its just as simple as working from backups of the original system to restore its functionality. Sure you can overlook things but with a new system admin on a re-done system thats to be expected.

    Do you belong to LOPSA? I’d like to get to know a little more about you, as I don’t really know too many people in the field other then those I work with.

    BTW, I dig your captcha 🙂

  • Yeah, he is a pretty cool guy. I do not belong to LOPSA anymore. I used to but for me the usefulness wayned. I really want to see a good mentoring program somewhere. Its taken countless hours for me to gain my knowledge and unfortunately I’ve had to do it mostly on my own. I have never had the luck of having a mentor. In some ways its been a blessing. Its forced me to learn how to get the knowledge with little assistance. On the other hand I expect its taken me longer to gain the knowledge.

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