Debian adopting time based freeze

Debian is departing (if ever so slightly) from the historical mantra “It ships when its ready”.

Looks as if Debian has decided time based freeze schedules will help them better manage time. Note they are not adopting time based releases, only the freeze is time based. I personally think this is a good thing. It will still ship when its ready but at least there will be some semblance of a time line for new releases. Thoughts?

Read the announcement here.

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  • Dusty Wilson Ubuntu Firefox 3.0.12 wrote:

    I think it’s a great idea. The upstream contributors can try to have their best stuff done and stable before the scheduled freeze and keep the experimental stuff until that stable is done. If all upstreams care and pay attention the freezes should be shorter. Of course not all upstreams care about Debian so that might not be completely true in the end. At very least they’ll have a chance. For the users, we should end up with better, more synchronized updates to the distro. This is a good thing.

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