Centos not going anywhere stop spreading the FUD

I’m sure you have heard about the open letter from Centos regarding not having control of some key elements of the project and the AWOL admin. I purposely did not comment on this because I did not want to spread any FUD. Centos is a huge project, I had no doubt that things would get rectified in a timely manner.

Here is the latest

The CentOS Development team had a routine meeting today with Lance Davis in attendance. During the meeting a majority of issues were resolved immediately and a working agreement was reached with deadlines for remaining unresolved issues. There should be no impact to any CentOS users going forward.

The CentOS project is now in control of the CentOS.org and CentOS.info domains and owns all trademarks, materials, and artwork in the CentOS distributions.

We look forward to working with Lance to quickly complete all the agreed upon issues.

More information will follow soon.

Original Letter

Last Update: August 1, 2009 04:34 UTC by Donavan Nelson

Sourced from centos.org Aug 1, 2009 4:00 am CST


  • I think the real eye opener was that the project was allowed to get to that state. It’s a shame that it took something like that for the leader to hand back control

    I don’t remember who said it, but one of the comments on the article I put up yesterday was right on. He said “You can have a cathedral or a bazaar, but you can’t have a cathedral-esque bazaar”.

  • Oh don’t get me wrong :). The Centos project has its issues; there is no question about that. Other projects like Debian and Gentoo have planned for these type of situations and setup foundations because they understand that the project is bigger than any one or two contributers. It’s extremely sad that the Centos team did not have the same foresight or that someone took an early holiday for sysadmin day and that caused it to come to light. I just didnt like all the articles I was reading saying centos is dead or were doomed etc etc …

    And I like that saying
    You can have a cathedral or a bazaar, but you can’t have a cathedral-esque bazaar”.

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