Monthly Archives: August 2009

Rsync for Windows clients

It looks like I will need a windows backup solution for a small project soon. As you probably know I don’t typically do Windows so I am reaching out. I typically use rsync for most of my backup needs. To be more specific I like to use rsnapshot which is a wrapper around rsync. Have […]

NEC Aspire Default Passwords

It took me a long time to hunt these down and I think default passwords should be freely available. Aspire webpro (default ip is Administrator Username: ASPIRE Administrator Password: 12345678 Extension Username: extension number Extension Password: 1111 UltraMail (default ip is Service Number: 2000 System Password: CTL I also found a manual for […]

Secure Hard Drive Wipe

I’ve been wiping a lot of hard drives recently. I use shred to do the job. What do you do to your drives before disposing of them?

Just a little pickmeup

Wow I can’t believe these never made the top 40! IBM One Hundred Percent Club IBM anthem March On With IBM IBM rally song Inspired by Ben Rockwoods comment today about the IBM Songbook

Support Fail

I am a big fan of chat support. I don’t have to drain my battery waiting on hold until its my turn in the queue. Plus when dealing with error messages its infinitely more helpful to be able to copy/paste to the agent. Sadly finding competent help is still an issue. Here is an excerpt […]