Congrats to Matt Simmons and other news

If you haven’t noticed Matt Simmons moved off of blogspot today. If you have not yet go and check out his new home

In other news I’ve been slammed. Nothing exceptional to report really I’ve been spending most of my time doing machine inventory and weeding out unused servers. Yeah not glamorus but its fun in its own way. Ive pulled almost 30 machines from the server room that were unused. Not all of them were on but just getting things cleaned out is a great feeling. Cable management is comming along slowly. I was able to replace our rats nest of cables for one of the DSLAMs with a new patch pannel so that will go a long way to helping me get things cleaned up.


  • Thanks for the congrats (and the link)! And again, for giving me a call this morning. I probably sounded a little confused. I was literally up all night working on this and went to bed at 8am or so. I had just checked my mail before you called. I was a little groggy 🙂

  • Your welcome, you didn’t sound groggy at all. Mostly you just sounded shocked to hear me on the other end of the phone :). Well you have my number now give me a ring some time if you want to talk shop. Always nice to chat with someone else in the biz.

    Also I was thinking with your Jr Admin posting you may not be such a standalone for much longer :/

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