Monthly Archives: July 2009

Happy SysAdmin Day!

Congratulations to everyone in the club. You have successfully navigated another trip around the sun. Today is not the day to worry about your infrastructure falling apart today is a day for celebration. Ok maybe thats not exactly true, celebrate after you get your network and systems in check :).

Puppet works hard to make sure nodes are in compliance

I’ve been working with puppet a lot in the last few weeks. I really enjoy this style of administration compared to “ssh in a for loop”. Its great to script things and I still do it but for maintaining configuration I don’t know if it gets much better than puppet. That being said I ran […]

Surviving Windows Toolbox

I have to use windows for a few things at my new employeer. I’ve found a few programs that I just cant survive using windows without. Launchy – Gnome-do like launcher Quotefix – Properly bottom post when replying to emails IsoRecorder – Right click iso and burn Cygwin – Linux-like environment for Windows I still […]

Don’t script it, just make it so

Matt Simmons recently had another post that mentioned structured systems management. I find myself re-reading Ad-Hoc vs Structured Systems Management from time to time and I figure its time for me to chime in. First off, Michael Jankes’ post is one of my favorite blog post reads. Few posts do I ever re-read unless its […]

twitter test

Sorry for the spam just testing modifications to a plugin