Mutt like evolution keybindings

In preparation for connecting to (im guessing here) an Exchange server at my new job I am switching from my beloved Mutt to Evolution. The absolute first thing I noticed about Evolution that I disliked was the keybindings for things like deleting messages, replying to messages and creating a new message. After some digging in the UI I could not find any place to change them. Some more sleuthing turned up some XML files down in /usr/share/evolution/$VERSION/ui.

You can easily edit these files to your liking but be ware the changes are global. Either I have missed how you can override these settings on a per user basis or there have been some major oversights from the evolution development team. At any rate I’ve only made a few changes so far but I wanted to share them for anyone else who would prefer to use Mutt but is stuck connecting to an Exchange server.

@@ -58,6 +58,7 @@

+ accel=”m”/>

+ accel=”b”/>


  • I am starting to use Evolution too myself. The main thing that I HATE about evolution from day one is that I am unable to use vim to edit my messages. If you found out a way (easy way even better :)) to use vim with Evolution, that would be great.

    I found a patch somewhere, but was too lazy to recompile Evolution.


  • Peleg Ubuntu Firefox 3.6.3 wrote:

    Today it is possible! There’s an external editor plugin, and I use it with gvim.

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