Monthly Archives: April 2009

Speed up your firefox (ever so slightly)

So I noticed my places.sqlite has grown to over 80M. Since Firefox 3 thats where things like bookmarks are stored. I guess favicons are stored in that same database. At any rate I am very tab happy. I have to control myself and about once every 2 weeks or so I have to sit down […]

Nice console regex helper

Last week I stumbled on a nice console regex helper. It’s not that I’m bad at regex but switching between sed, vim, python, perl regex trips me up a bit sometimes. Go ahead and check it out for yourself [.]quit [0]reset [*]color [/]programs ^txt2regex$ !! not supported RegEx perl : RegEx php : RegEx postgres: […]

Improving debians nginx init script

nginx is a high performance HTTP and mail proxy server written by Igor Sysoev. I’m not sure what the init scripts do for other distros but it seems a bit of an oversight to leave out checking the config file when running the init script. Add this line to your nginx init script right after […]

Testing mail servers with swaks

I hadn’t seen this tool before so I figured I would share. Swaks is the swiss army knife SMTP according to the homepage. I’ve covered testing email from the command line before but this tool sure makes it easier.