Monthly Archives: February 2009

Citrix makes Xen Enterprise Free

Today Citrix announced that it will distribute its enterprise packaging of Xen for free. This brings fancy gui management and features available in VMwares ESX server to everyone. (Actually I’m not clear if just the ability is there or if they actually are letting the gui go as well.) This is not a scaled down, […]

Howto: Remove PDF passwords and encryption

Have you ever gotten a pdf with one of those annoying passwords? A while back I bought an e-book and it came with a password. Its really annoying especially if I want to read it on a mobile device. Anyway if you are annoyed as much as I am fear no more. Install qpdf Decrypt […]

Revision your home directory with git using gibak

Over the last couple days I’ve briefly talked about revisioning configs and making your home directory portable. It seems to have stirred up a bit of discussion over at Matt Simmons Standalone Sysadmin, and Hugh Browns mentioned he uses mercurial for this task.. As I noted in the post about managing /etc with version control […]

Version your /etc

Seems like we are on a bit of a roll with regard to the topic of versioning lately. Yesterday Legooolas commented about using version control for your home directory. I do and I’ll cover that in a different post but I use it for a different task. Now on to todays topic. Do you keep […]

Movin in movin out

Every time I have a new shell account I end up customizing it. Making alterations to my vimrc, screenrc or whatever. It can be a huge pain when you have lots of slightly varying configs on different machines. I wrote this little script to grab my files and create a self extracting shell script so […]