Vim + wordpress == vimpress, happiness

I recently found a vim plug-in for WordPress. Vimpress allows your to write and edit your blog posts directly from vim. Sure it has its limitations. There does not appear to be support for future data publishing or drafts. But overall its a much better experience to write in vim than the built in editor.

One highly annoying omission was support for the more tag. By default when opening old posts will only display content before the more tag. And when posting at least from my brief testing would insert the more tag as plain text. Luckily Manuel Pégourié-Gonn wrote a small patch to address that issue. As of yet it does not appear he has actually published the patch though he does have a post about Vimpress that mentions it

Here is the vimpress more tag patch thanks to Manuel. And a full patched version of vimpress.vim aka blog.vim.


  • A Firefox plugin you might like is Mozex. It allows you to specify actions to take in a text box, or on a mailto: link, or to view source. Right now, for example, I’m using Mozex to edit this comment in Emacs in an xterm…very, very handy.

    There’s also It’s All Text, which only handles text boxes…but with Mozex, I can also launch Mutt when I click on a mailto:, rather than waiting thirty minutes for Evolution to start up so I can kill it.

  • Hi,

    Just starting to use this tool myself. I infrequently spent long stretches concocting a mutt + WP post-by-mail (including using the Postie, and Cronless Postie, plugins), but it wasn’t terribly sustainable. Too many things to remember to do each time.

    On another note, awesome focus for a blog. I’m going to look ’round, but do you have a console web browser recommendation? I use links daily, but I occasionally would like javascript support. There are things that irk me about elinks, e.g., the need to hit enter to edit a text field; but it supports numbered links and works pretty well in my limited testing.



  • I use links, lynx, elinks, and w3m. I like lynx for the url footnotes. I use that in mutt. I bounce between the other three but I think muscle memory has me using links most of the time. Actually about the one thing I do use a gui for is web browsing. Ive played with links in frame-buffer and thats kinda cool. But no no solid recommendation for any. I suppose I use Firefox most of the time because of the extensions I use, not that I am overly fond of having graphics around.

  • If you are like me, you guys should try the firefox plugin called vimperator. It enables you to use firefox with all vim shortcuts ..etc. One of the compelling features is that you can hit CTRL + i to take you to gvim to start editing any text box.

  • Thanks for the tip Khaled. I have been needing vimperator for years. It makes editing form fields a snap and under my control with Gvim. No more need for vimpress. It makes data entry via phpmyadmin a snap too.
    Hooooorrrrrrrayyyyy for vimperator.

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